Stress management in the company




of serenity

With the three tools we all come equipped "as standard": Body, Breath and Mind.

Stress is a physical reaction automatic,   atavistic and unconscious to save our lives. It is not mental, it is not psychological.

Learn how to neutralise physical symptoms and regain calm: The body is the mind's ally

From stress to performance

Why pause?

Knowing how to stop the stress response is essential to regain concentration.

Creativity only happens with a serene mind.

The right decisions are only made with a clear mind.

useful method

In 2009, the workshop "Making a serenity break" is chosen as a practical solution for stress management by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work:

"It is a specific method for managing stress at work. Its founder and director, Maite Crespo, has based the method on the ability we all have to remain calm .

All we have to do is train the three tools with which we are all endowed "as standard": 1. Breathing. 3. Mind. The three elements combined simultaneously, allow us to create a pause of serenity to approach decisions with confidence and creativity".




World happiness Foundation



On 18 March 2022 at WorldHappinessFest I gavethe workshop

"The body is the ally of the mind".

Learn how to create a serene pause with your body, your breath and your mind. We all can do it!



Stress is already the leading cause
of sick leave in Spain. The economic cost
is enormous, estimated at
23,000 million euros in Spain.

Todoyoga techniques are designed to be attractive, enjoyable and above all useful.

Serenity in action



Stress is a mental block, our jobs are mostly intellectual. Being aware of what one says, writes or does at work is
fundamental. Good
decisions derive directly from
mental clarity. Choosing what one thinks with awareness,
is a factor of responsibility.

Serenity to think



 If short-term stress is necessary for life, its accumulation over
time always leads to incapacity
for work and, in the long run, to illness.

"We all come equipped with the three tools for staying calm: body, breath and mind".

Serenity is mental health


No mats, no change of clothes, anytime, anywhere. With the todoyogamethod for companies, we identify the symptoms of stress and neutralise them using three very simple techniques that can be learnt forever.

Companies that are committed to the

TODOyoga Method


Several companies have found that knowing how to create a serenity break is effective in managing moments of stress:

Estrella de Galicia, General Electric, Grupo 5, Impact Hub, Holcim, Esade, Organizaciones Optimistas, Jabary Consulting, Hospital Ruber Madrid, Erlac, Schiller University, HubMadrid, Buljan Consulting, Asia Inspection, AoundtheWorldSpain, Grupo Benigar, Hudipro, Pepsico, Ayuntamiento de las Rozas Madrid, Namco-Bandai, Cea-Bao, Visual MS,

 In this international congress organised by AEDIPE Galicia since 2010, I have participated in all the editions until 2021 together with AEDIPE national

International Congress on Happiness at Work

Students, clients and collaborators give their opinion

"I am Belen Varela. When we started the FET Movement in 2010, talking about Happiness at Work was daring and we doubted whether introducing a Yoga practice would generate more scepticism. When Maite gave her session "Stop, think and act", the participants congratulated us for offering a practical, rigorous and effective methodology to act in the face of stress".

Belén Varela

Former President AEDIPE Galicia, Founder and Director of Optimistic Organisations

"I am a yoga teacher and I have known Maite for a few years, when she started attending my classes. There I discovered a committed, disciplined and constant person, with an excellent physical condition and strength of spirit. She stands out for her motor coordination and her developed proprioception, which indicates that she not only takes care of herself, but that she has worked on her awareness and how to treat herself and others. She always has something to contribute with generosity and sympathy. It has been very rewarding to have her in the class".

Maria Freire

Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga teacher, Yoga-Center/ Todoyoga

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