I am Maite Crespo, ex-stressed and happy to undertake since 2007, this project, "todoyoga, from stress to performance", to raise awareness of this practical tool for stress management in companies.

I suffered greatly from the consequences of stress when I worked in large corporations, until I learned to control it by using the three tools we all come "equipped with as standard": body, breath and mind.

I really want to make this world a more sensible, healthier and more prosperous place 🙂 I am looking forward to making this world a little bit more sensible, healthier and more prosperous.

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I trained intensively to teach quietly

I studied an intensive training programme in the United States, and another two-year course in Madrid, which enables me to carry out and give yoga training throughout Europe.

Training, relevant aspects

  • Talent Management. ESADE 2009
  • Hatha Yoga Instructor. AEPY International 2006-2007
  • Advanced Hatha Yoga Instructor. Sivananda International 2007
  • Psychology student. UOC 2000-2008
  • Marketing and Business Administration. ESEM 1990
  • Student of Economic Sciences. UCM 1986

Career Path

  • Foundation of todoyoga 2007
  • Assistant to Management in the Industrial and Services Sector
  • Account Manager in the Advertising Sector

...and every day I keep learning!

From stress to performance


I worked in advertising for 10 years. In 2001, due to stress I had depression, and when I recovered I reinvented myself as a Personal Management Assistant. In 2010 I became a mother of a fantastic baby boy.



I teach self-control techniques based on the tools of yoga: body, breath and mind.


Mental health is vital for coping with change and stressful situations. Learning to calm down when we need to is and will be a necessary skill....