What the media say



Stress management on live radio. I am passionate about explaining how to create serenity breaks at work.

15 days with a break at Onda Cero Vigo

Every day, for three weeks, we made the listeners stop and do a one-minute relaxation practice to create a serene pause.



Good for business

In a programme about entrepreneurship, the experts give us the green light for the project. All convinced that practising yoga is good business for everyone.

RTVE Factory of Ideas. Expert Opinion.

RTVE Factory of Ideas. Invest in Todoyoga.



Happiness at Work Congress

The great fortune to be involved since 2010, in an amazing project with professionals from all over the world. The FET Movement promotes the tools available for well-being at work.

I enjoyed participating in several editions

SEPP+ Congress

The Spanish Society of Positive Psychology, SEPP+, holds meetings to disseminate scientific findings and practical applications in the field of well-being and health in organisations.

I participated in the Second Edition of your National Congress with the abstract "The body is the ally of the mind".